“Why Don’t You Put Your Link In Your Twitter Profile?”

On Twitter the other day, someone asked me why I don’t put my site in my Twitter profile.

1- I don’t want the focus to be on my site from my profile. When people meet me via Twitter, I want them to interact with me before going to my sites.

2- I want the focus to be on their site and whether I can help them, not me and how great I think I am.

3- Being semi-retired, I cherry pick my clients.

It used to be that I had to work with everyone who asked for my help, HAD to because if not I was gonna go broke.

Now I work on cases that fascinate me, with people I like, at prices that make sense for both of us.

4- When you can get traffic on demand, you no longer see everything as an opportunity to get more traffic. That sounds like horseshit to some people, so let me try an analogy.

Have you ever noticed that money isn’t as urgent a concern to your rich friends? It’s because they’ve solved the problem of money in their lives. They have other things to focus on.

It doesn’t mean they don’t care about money.

It means that now that they know how to get it, and what to do with it, it’s just a tool.

They don’t feel urgent or desperate about it any longer. If they lost all their money, they’d be able to get it all back in a couple of years- because they understand money.

Just look at how many times Trump’s companies have been bankrupt. He always bounces back, because he understand how to get money.

Asking me why I’m not using the same traffic techniques every one else is using is like asking why Hugh Hefner doesn’t have a profile on eHarmony. Hugh Hefner is like, 147 years old and has three young girlfriends.

Who know about each other.

So yeah, even though he probably knows how to get more women – if he doesn’t need them, what’s the point of internet dating?

That’s how I feel about web traffic and marketing and leaving my site link in every possible corner.

I unofficially launched this site on Wednesday night. It’s Sunday. It already gets 100 visitors a day and I have yet to promote it.

That’s more visitors than the majority of commercial sites get after years of being live.

I can get visitors any time I want. Twice this week I’ve had it happen totally by accident, to this site. Traffic? Is not my problem.

Okay, so when I want people to visit my site from Twitter, what do I do?

I tweet a link. To compelling content that I believe my audience will want to read. I try not to have a good ratio of conversation to random thoughts to retweets and link tweets.

By engaging with the people who follow me on Twitter, I’m much more likely to inspire them to action when I tweet.

An example, The first post I made on the day I unofficially launched this site was retweeted 7 times.

Now if it was on post I’d made after years of being online, I’d be expecting a combined comment plus tweet total of 70 or so, after a bit of promotion.

7 tweets with no promotion other than sharing the link is okay by me.

Just wait until I start showing off.

In the meantime, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your link in your Twitter profile. But if you do, just think about why you’re doing it, and what effect it has.

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