Why Do People Use Online Social Networking?

Because it works.

Next question.

Okay, kidding. Not about the part where I said that it works, though. It does work. Social networking gives all the people who use it, for all their different reasons, what they want.

Some people want to be able to stay informed, whether it’s from dialogue with friends or updates about their favorite sites, news, or interests online.

Other people want to learn more about the people they’re going to meet offline, by meeting them in the online world first. It’s a heck of a way to get closer to people you admire, if only for a few minutes, and often facilitates the chance to meet them in person.

For everyone, it’s the same reason we network offline. People are social creatures.

Social networking doesn’t have to be this time suck that takes you away from the real world. You can learn to use it effectively in as little as 0 minutes a day.

That’s right. I said 0. Some of my most productive days on Facebook are days when I haven’t logged in at all.

But more about that another day.

Social networking also doesn’t need to replace real world interaction – but it sure is neat to get business from the other side of a world from a person you haven’t met because they Googled you and found that you have a pristine reputation.

Or even the simple joy of making the acquaintance of someone from a different culture.

I’m doing my best to ask one question a day. If you have a question, go to our contact form and ask away!

I know. That rhymed. I used to be a poet.

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