What if I’m Uncomfortable Having My Photo Online?

First of all, for most people, there’s no need to be anxious about having your picture published online. I used to have the same issues when I first started online.

Most of the issue for me is that I was afraid to be in the spotlight. I wanted the business to be popular and well known, not me. I thought that having my picture online would expose me to crazies, stalkers, and people who wanted to steal my products/knowledge etc instead of becoming customers.

And yes, all those things happened. BEFORE putting my photo online. Having my photo online actually helped protect me from fraud. But the real issue is that it’s not about me.

It’s about my clients being able to differentiate me from any other Tinu in the world.

It’s about making my customers more comfortable buying from me because they can put a face with my name.

It’s about being trusted, being able to stand up and say, “I wrote that piece of advice/fiction/poetry/news and I back up the things I say with my face.”

And you may want to consider the thoughts that go through the head of the readers, editors and other people who want to promote or publish your work, and don’t see a picture. It sends the same message it does when they don’t see your picture on a dating site:


Something is wrong here.


However, there are several legitimate reasons why you may not want to have your picture published online. I personally know women who have a safety issue, such as that of legally changing their identity to evade an abusive ex-husband.

Whatever the reason, you have some options that may work better than substituting a logo for your face.


  1. You can get a cartoonized likeness of your face.
  2. You can have your picture rendered by a painter or caricature artist.
  3. You can take an unconventional shot of yourself.
  4. You can do a partial picture, like the one you see of Seth Godin‘s head on his blog and Twitter page.
  5. You can have someone else represent your company to the public.

In coming days we’ll go into more details on these tips.

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  1. I was very hesitant to have my picture online but it really does allow you to connect with others when you can see their face!

    One of the other issues I had was people believing that a “mature” (ie older) person was up to speed on the latest marketing strategies. Now I have enough testimonials to overcome that hurdle.

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