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Turning Your 60 hours into 15? Fix Your Mentality first #60to15

Questions that may come up for you

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When I first realized that I would suddenly have to shorten my work week, whether I liked it or not?

The one word that would describe me is petrified.

All types of fears and doubts swirled in my head.

What should I outsource?

Am I doing the right thing?

Is this tool the best for this job or should I use something else?

Where am I going to find the time to hire people? To train them?

How can I trust the people I’m outsourcing to- will this company screw me like that assistant who once stole money from me?

But my biggest fear?

It was kind of out there. I didn’t know what I would do if I wasn’t working. I loved my work. Who was I if I wasn’t my workaholic self?

What was I supposed to do with myself?

And if someone else does my job, what is my value? 

Yeah- the real reason for the original holdup was being caught up in the idea that if I wasn’t working hard, I wouldn’t be earning money.

I’m starting to think I’m not the only person who thinks like this – subconsciously or not.

The Answer

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Let’s start with the answer to the fear question – who am I if I’m not doing Everything?

If you have this fear, let me tell you the answer – the CEO!

The president!

Boss up. You’re running things. Do you know what people who are running things do?

They manage the workers – or if they’re exceptional they manage the managers.

But that’s not all, or even the best part.

Truly operating as a CEO means you grow your company!

You bring in new business, constantly.

Much easier to do if you don’t have multiple deadlines and a backlog of emails constantly hanging over your head.

I also believe that whether you are a spoonie or not…

…..whether you’re currently a freelancer or running a small business….

You can reduce your official and actual working hours to 15.

Even if you run a gourmet restaurant that requires hands-on involvement during operating hours – they don’t always have to be YOUR hands.

So let’s start a project together.

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I’m going to share everything I know about shrinking down your work week, here, online, for free, between now and February 1st.

I can’t promise a particular schedule as I’m still in recovery from cancer.

I’ve done several posts ahead, but that’s to mind the gaps. Some days you might see three new posts. Or there may be one every other day, then a guest post or round-up.

I promise you that each post will have valuable advice, tips, resources or tools on this topic. Most of them will be from me, but I invite you to share yours on the #60to15 hashtag on Twitter too.

To follow along, you can subscribe to get updates via email or SMS.

Here’s your part of the agreement.

If I’m going to bare my soul and tell you all my mistakes, obstacles, tools, and resources, I want a commitment from you.

Either make your pledge to participate using the hashtag #60to15 on Twitter or Instagram, retweet one of the posts with a comment, or leave a comment on this post below.

You don’t have to announce your goals to your friends.

What’s important is that you make the promise to yourself to shorten your workweek as much as you think is practically possible by February 1st.

Pick out a reward you can get for yourself on Valentine’s Day if you reach your goal.

You CAN do this.

Please don’t wait until you HAVE to do it. I’m positive that if I had planned better, I would have saved a lot more time and thousands of dollars.

Imagine being able to walk away from your business without notice for a week, and have it still running when you come back.

I can do that now.

It’s for health reasons at the moment, but bit by bit, I’m increasing the amount of money my companies make, but keeping my workweek relatively steady.

Occasionally yes, I have to bump my hours up to 20 or even 30. But then I can compensate by working only 7 hours the next week – or taking it completely off.

That is possible for me now, and I bet you can do it too.

Next we’ll answer – what and how do I shrink my week?

Part of the #60to15 series for entrepreneurs on shortening your work week.

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