This Giving Tuesday, let’s end human trafficking #flytofreedom

There’s a lot going on today as we get back from the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. Today’s World Aids Day and the 50th anniversary of the catalystic bus protest by Rosa Parks. This is on the heels of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and the topic of this blog post, Giving Tuesday.

You’ve probably heard about some of those other yearly occasions. This last one is relatively new though.

Giving Tuesday is a day when we continue with the momentum started by the Thanksgiving break with a return to the charitable mindset.

This year, in keeping with the campaign I’ve been participating in since October, I’m spreading the word about CNN’s #FlyToFreedom pledge, an international effort to band together to stop human trafficking, also known as slavery.

Those of you who know me are already aware of how important this issue is to me, highlighted most recently by the kidnapping of the Chibok Girls over a year ago by Boko Haram, resulting in the start of the #BringBackOurGirls movement.

While the nearly 300 girls who have been kidnapped and likely enslaved as child brides have yet to be fully recovered (though some heroically escaped), raising the awareness of human trafficking and slavery has helped to free hundreds of enslaved girls and women from Boko Harem in West Africa, particularly Nigeria, Chad and Cameroun.


Slavery is one of those huge issues that seems like it’s too big for us to handle or to have any impact on.

But that’s exactly what people who enslave young men and women want us to believe, that we can’t do anything.

That once a person disappears into the system of human trafficking, they are lost forever.

Yet some do escape. Others are rescued. And there are many organizations dedicated to making sure those who survive slavery can go on to lead productive lives, as well as those that actively fight against human trafficking across the world.

My personal pledge is to donate $100 each to two nonprofits that work on the issue of slavery, by January 1st.

The two organization are Free for Life, a group that helps survivors and those at high risk for human trafficking, and Polaris, a nonprofit that disrupts the underlying system of human trafficking networks. If you’d like to participate in CNN’s #FlyToFreedom campaign, here’s how you can do so.

If you’re not able to make a volunteer, donation or action pledge, you can also help spread the world.

You can:

  • retweet this tweet,
  • or the image in this post,
  • share the video above or this blog post in social media,
  • copy and paste this whole post and use it as your own (as long as you link back to the original),
  • or write your own blog post with your #FlyToFreedom pledge.


Let me know if you do so and I’ll share it with my community as well. And thank you for believing that by doing a little together we can do more than we can by doing nothing at all.