The Beast is Hungry and Bored: What’s Happening After Social Media?

So today, I woke up particularly refreshed and jazzed about a workshop I want to give.

I asked people what they wanted, and they said a series of hands on lessons that will teach them how to use new media tools more effectively, and teach those of them who don’t know how to use them, where to start, and how to fit it into 15 – 30 minutes a day.

Then I realized how absolutely bored I was with answering the same questions about blogging and social media that I was 5 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, it is fun applying the answers to new niches.

But I wanted to write something today about new media, and today, well I just felt like everything has been said.

I’m not alone in this, or at least in thinking along these lines.

Geoff Livingston, author of Now is Gone, created a new hash tag on twitter, #futureforward, so we can all discuss what’s happening after social media.

Steve Rubel, who is now lifestreaming, wrote a piece on how to capture attention in the era of the constant information flow.

And in reading comments on his blog, where you used to be able to find some of the most mentally stimulating conversations among my peers, I see a lot of ….

Well, bitchassed-ness, to be frank. Credit to Puff Daddy for the phrase.

(No, I am NOT calling him P. Diddy – you get ONE name change with me. It’s bad enough I ever called him Puffy.)

Which makes me ponder – is it time for me to start talking about what’s on the horizon?

Or will I be a part of the spammy fiasco that I feel partly responsible for when I started talking about RSS,  and later, Facebook?

Before we even get into that, though, it’s important to pause there. Because I only have ideas and theories, I don’t actually KNOW. I seem to make good guess by asking myself…

What IS Next?

Business Blogging got swallowed by the leveraging of Social media. It’s time for social media to start morphing into something greater. And yeah,  Steve has some good ideas in a later article and a mindmap about the future of blogging.

Which refined my question – as far as Business Marketing goes, what is the next step after blogging? Obviously the rest of social media. The two go hand-in-hand. But what comes after that?

Next, we’ll look at some of the usual suspects for blogging.

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