Support Department Temporarily Backed Up

Just had a new friend of the Free Traffic Tips family named Steve write me a message, when today, my first day of feeling less that 50% crappy for the last week, a gut instinct told me to check the Help Desk tickets – where messages go to when you write to

And I found out that since I’ve been gone, no tickets have been answered. None, as in zero, of the thousands of messages that have been sent to me in the past week have been responded to — and on top of that, there are about a dozen messages that have been in the queue since Christmas!

So first of all, if you’ve sent me a question or comment that warrants an answer, and it was never escalated to me, I apologize. If you have an open ticket right now, feel free to respond to that ticket with the word “escalate” to make it easier for my new person to find and send directly to me. For the next week, all you have to do with an existing ticket that hasn’t been answered is put the word “escalate” in the message, and it will be transferred for me to deal with by me personally.

But please understand, that means replies will not take place within a business day as they have before (unless of course you’re a customer or client, those are now handled by a separate, 24/7 group.)  For those of you who don’t know, I have fairiy severa case of spinal degenerative disorder. It’s not a life-threatening illness, but it’s way more complicated than pulling a muscle in your back.

I’ve tried just about everything for it, and a mixture of physical therapy and medication helps a lot.

Still, I have some rough spells sometimes it’s hard for me to type, sit up in bed, that sort of thing. I’m telling you this because until I get some more help, there’s no way you’ll get a response in one business day.

I get hundreds of emails to that address every day, and there’s just no quick way of sorting the spam from the real requests for help, so someone has to open each one and read it. Three people used to spend the better part of the day helping me with this. Now it’s just me. I’d appreciate your patience with this until I get a new staff in place.

Today’s my first day back after being back a week. Normally that’s not a problem, and someone else will acknowledge your messages and let you know I’m away. But the person I hired to replace the last girl that left, who also runs my temp staff, hasn’t been heard of since the day I last paid her, which is the day I last sent you an email.

I’m letting you know this so you understand that I literally just heard about this, and I’m doing what I can to get caught up. That means the newsletter might be a little light again this coming week.

I also wanted to ask you for a favor.

I need to hire an intern or someone to work on commission until next month, who’d be interested in learning about this business in exchange. In May, this will turn into a paid position. If you know anyone who’d be interested in such an arrangement, a self-starter who knows a bit about the web and can work with me virtually 10 – 20 hours a week, have them contact me.

In future months, I’ll be hiring a temp staff of five people to take care of this situation, but I want the person I teach my business to not to be someone who really just wants a job, or someone who has a passing interest. I want to groom a successor who I can comfortably outsource projects to in the future.

I’ve tried just about every other type of arrangement, so I wanted to do this before I start an intern search at some local colleges.

Thanks for any help you can give, and I’m sorry if you sent me a message that I didn’t get yet.

6 Replies to “Support Department Temporarily Backed Up”

  1. Hi Kathleen,

    I’ve tried it, didn’t help me. Thanks though. I really have tried Literally everything — I know about most things before they come out. I have a solution that works well enough for me to work more often than not. Thanks again for thinking of me though.

    Hi Dan,

    You’re definitely on my list of people to consider. We can get into specifics more privately. If you haven’t already, send me an email at

  2. Hi Tinu,

    I would love to be given an opportunity to help you with your Support Department. Without getting too much into public details, my background includes a broad spectrum of managing and understanding business operations in small and large corporations with Customer Service as one area I oversaw. The web is a relatively new arena for me but I am confident I can help in some form or another. Thanks for the consideration and I hope you feel better.

    Regards, Dan

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