How my Spoonie #SleepWhenever Experiment is going

Last time I talked about my plan to let my body sleep whenever it wants. This plan has its pros and cons.


I can only give a partial update because my last Jawbone broke, so I can’t be sure exactly how much sleep I’m getting.

But based on how I feel, there are ups and downs to my new plan.

Pros of sleeping whenever


I’m a lot less anxious about my sleep schedule.

I feel a lot less guilty too – sleep is self care to me so much more now.

It’s only through this exercise that I realized that I view sleep as a time suck. But isn’t it better for me to be asleep and healthy than awake watching Netflix or my DVR?


It’s not like I’m being super-productive with my time when I can’t sleep or am getting up because I feel I should be awake.

Life is much easier, mentally and emotionally, when I see sleep as part of taking care of myself. I don’t feel like a failure getting back up at 11:30 when I was up earlier in the day.

I also meditate more. I do a lot of various types of self care more now that I feel fully rested. I’m a lot more efficient too, even though my sleep is broken up into segments.

I know I’ll likely be asleep by 1:30 and be back up at 6:30 to help the kids get off to school. Between 6:30 and 8 I’ll have done most of my morning research, work checkins and grooming.


By 8:30 I’m back to sleep for a couple of hours. Latest 11:30 I’m back up and grinding until 2:30 every other day, and 5:00 on the full day that I work.

Sometimes I sneak in another full day of writing and meetings. I’m not sure if that’s a pro or a con yet since I’m trying to stay under 20 hours a week.

There are days when I don’t go back to sleep at all. But then at night I’m usually asleep by 11:30 or midnight.


Cons of sleeping whenever


I still feel out of synch with the world.

Also I get most of my best writing and other focus work done in the evening.

And it feels like I’m doing less of that. Some has shifted to the morning, but not on a regular enough basis.

I tell myself I’m still recovering from cancer. But it seems there will always be that part of me that accuses me of laziness if I sleep more than 4 hours a night.

It’s much quieter. But it’s still there.

There’s also a bit of weirdness from not sleeping in one continuous chunk.

But I’ve read that we’re perhaps not meant to sleep straight through the night anyway. Does it really matter that I have a longer period of wakefulness in-between my two main sleep periods than most people?

This has eased my insomnia a bit, which is really important for spoonies as we get “painsomnia” – our sleeplessness isn’t necessarily of the garden variety. This often means that regular sleep remedies don’t work for us.

And you can get by on sleep aids, but these can rob you of the benefit of natural sleep, particularly if you need long term sleep.

Which is why I decided to experiment with yielding to my body’s rhythms in the first place.

I’ll keep you posted, especially you spoonies, about this experiment. But we need to get back to #60t015, finish talking about the tools, and then start talking about how more spoonies can become entrepreneurs.

That’s what I have planned for April, but you know how my health likes to bounce up and down. So we’ll see but that’s the plan!



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  1. Grabbing sleep when I can get it Tinu so I appreciate this. Rolling with jet lag as I flew from Thailand to the States a few days ago. I am writing these words at 3:47 AM after being up since 1 😉


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