Content marketing productivity tip & updates- Zero Gridlock Newsletter 03.14.16

Happy Monday!


You ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong and then you find out there was a perfectly good reason that now makes it all make sense?

Yeah that’s been my life for about a year. A few bits of news about this are below- I figure at least one concerns you.



This is going to be the future location for upcoming editions of the Zero Gridlock Newsletter as we return to a multimedia format.

Which kind of makes this a pre-issue. We’ll be coming up with the old sections you love that included featured members and my favorite links from around the digital marketing web, as well as some fun new features.

If you look at the front of the site you’ll notice that you can’t see these special posts from the front of the page. This is by design. I want you to be able to easily read these posts on mobile, but keep some exclusivity so you can get all the tips I’ll be sharing here first.

Free Traffic Tips is for sale

Due to some changes to my health status and being generally frustrated, I passed the Free Traffic Tips domain name on to my partners and severed ties with them. I think Morgan and Cindy are great people but it just wasn’t working out.

The domain alone is worth $96k if you convert my search engine positions from that site to cash. If you’re interested in it, you’ll have to do a whois lookup– I wasn’t able to put up a page detailing how to buy the domain or profit from the search listings before they changed the host.

The last offer on the table, as far as I know, was $10k. So if you’re interested, know that you’ll have to beat that price.

I’m no longer involved or owner of the site, so I won’t profit from the sale. I’m just trying to help them out as much as I can.

The New Digital Marketing Site

A new site will be open by early April called Digital Marketing Challenge.YAY!


Remember the free traffic tests? Now you’ll be able to participate in  one every month. There will also be a membership aspect.

Since I can still do scheduled group coaching and webinars during treatment. I’ll also be pushing up the opening of the new members section.

I’ll be sending out a survey soon so you can vote for what you’re most interested in within the digital marketing space, and we’ll go in that order.

A Break from the Hands-on Services


As I mentioned earlier, I have some brand-new, more serious health problems. Because of this I’ll have to take a year off from any hand-on consulting services. That means I can still do group webinars and coaching etc, but won’t be able to be hands-on with consulting projects.

I have a group of amazing colleagues that can help you, and if you can’t get in touch with me, for anything PR or Reputation management related you can always talk to my friend Sally Falkow over at Meritus Media. She’ll point you in the right direction if you let her know that I’ve sent you to her.

If you haven’t been by the site lately,  I have a content marketing productivity tip for you. It shows you how to keep your research organized while you create. Helpful if you get lost shuffling through dozens of tabs while you’re trying to put together a blog, slides or an infographic. 

There’s another mini-guide coming up that shows how to expand that idea for when you create an ebook, video or whitepaper.

  Next time, more around-the-web resources and a survey to ask you about all your feels. See you then!

2 Replies to “Content marketing productivity tip & updates- Zero Gridlock Newsletter 03.14.16”

  1. Sorry to hear about new health issues. 🙁 May you have better days to come. I have always enjoyed your articles, products, and newsletters. I have been on your newsletter list for years now. You have been missed. Tinu, you are a wonderful person and full of amazing information that will help all of us out here on the web. The information you share is always up to date even if you did have to take a year off. Take care of yourself first, and have a wonderful quiet Monday.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thank you so much for your continued support.

      I still remember the day you became a customer, and you’ve really been more than that. You’re so supportive and I like to think I learn as much about persistence and perseverance from you as any digital marketing thing I ever teach you.

      Thanks so much for commenting. I love hearing from you.

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