For Spoonie Entrepreneurs – when working against your body is enough

Trying to sleep by counting sleep. Every spoonie is laughing hysterically right now.

We’ll be back to the #60to15 series shortly.

Today I want to talk about a struggle that I’m having that I’m starting to think is common to all spoonie entrepreneurs.

As you probably know, I’m both a spoonie and in cancer recovery. While my oncologist hasn’t declared remission, the Lymphoma I have is controlled.

So I’ve been attempting to go back to my regular schedule. Because eaters gotta eat, you know?

This requires money. So biz owners gotta biz. Here’s the problem.

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Entrepreneurial sleep struggles and the sleep-whenever experiment

So we’re going to discuss sleep again. I’ll be talking quite a bit about how my life has been different with less sleep, as well as my journey back.

Before we talk about how things are going now that I’ve decided to follow my body’s rules?

Some background.

Only because I only wrote all of this down in hopes that

  1. You might recognize yourself and see that your need for more sleep is a real problem, not just in your head, and
  2. Maybe my current solution or another one I’ve tried could work for you as a fellow entrepreneur, particularly if you have a disability, apparent or not.

Things I did in the before time

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