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Outsourcing Saved My Business (Go Read Soren’s Post)

I don’t know this guy Soren personally, and I’ve never been to his blog before today. In the interest of disclosure, I will NOT make ANY money by telling you about this post. He probably will, but I’m too tired today to turn this into money for me.

He made an excellent post about outsourcing, and I’ll be frank, there’s an affiliate link in his post, for a product I think is a must-have. If I had gotten any sleep Thursday night before watching the twins (during my mastermind call!) I would probably have gone and signed up as an affiliate myself.

The sales page linked from his page alone is that good of a lesson. But this post isn’t about that.

The reason I’m telling you about the post, even if you don’t even click on the link to the sales page is that Outsourcing Saved My Ass. And by extension, my business. (Yes, I have that much junk in my trunk. lol. This is why people need sleep. Silliness like this.)

I was your classic, can’t afford to outsource case. I thought I was saving money by doing everything myself, and saving time by not teaching anyone what I know so that THEY could do it. Of course, I could have also hired someone who already knew how to do what I needed done, but in retrospect, at the time it didn’t make sense. if I did that, what would I do? What was my value?

Duh. I could do anything from “nothing but cash checks” to “build my brand”, to “focus on marketing” to “do the top-level, big-picture stuff that makes my prices worth it to my clients, and different from the next guy”.

Then I got sicker than I ever have been before and almost lost my business.

Twice. In four months.

I am STILL trying to pay for the mistakes I made then, and the only way I’m moving forward now is outsourcing, because of course, health care takes up 80% of anything I take home (another post).

But if my money goes to keeping the business open, paying for the ramifications of that time, and the cost of the projects I’m doing now, how can I pay for outsourcing?

At first, I was paying the people I outsource with on commission, training, and JV leverage. Now, with the profits having them makes me. I have more time free to make more products. When I make more products, I make more money.

I have more time free to create content to market myself. When I make more content, and use it to market myself, I make more money.

I have more free time to coach and train. When I coach and train a handful of carefully selected people, they make more money, and when they make more money, they stay clients longer. When they stay clients longer, I make more money.

So yes, this time last year I would have been one of the people who said “my job isn’t outsourcable”. The truth was, I thought that if it was possible to get rid of most of the work I had to do that I was useless. And I had all these ideas in my head about how making money has to be so hard.

And I learned that not only is that not the case, if you don’t outsource, hire employees or virtual teams, the thing to think about is that you’re not outsourcing to get rid of yourself, you’re outsourcing to FREE yourself. Whether it’s to have more time for family, to market yourself, or to have time to do the things that make your company money, outsource, create a job or virtual assistant for EVERY function that doesn’t fall into the core dream that you painted for yourself, AND every thing in the core dream that’s not the best use of your time.

And don’t forget things that you just hate to do to start with.

You can always add things back in. You always have that option later.

So yeah, your personal talent and touch may not be outsourceable. But if you think about it, that’s probably 1% IF THAT of what you’re doing. It may be the most important 1%, but it’s only 1%.

If you think about it, every major company in the world is just an outsourcing outfit. There were what, a couple of guys who started eBay? As they grew, they realized, hey, I can’t do all this crap myself.

You want to be a bigger firm? You want to create opportunities for your business? You want to expand your market? You want to make more money? You want to be a big brand someday — maybe even a household name?

Go and read Soren’s post about Outsourcing. Take the first step, and consider outsourcing.