My Totally Selfish Archive/Re-Broadcast of #GrowSmartBiz

I heart the lot of you but I simply can’t pretend I’m embedding this rebroadcast of today’s Grow Smart Business conference (soon to be archive of the entire event, btw) because of that.

It was simply amazing to be there and I was in great company. Not to mention that I made some really key contacts, as well as new friends that I hope to be able to point in the right direction.

However, I can definitely share it with you. So here it is.

You can rebroadcast the Network Solutions Grow Smart Biz Conference in your blog too. If you hadn’t noticed. (Or click through and view it there if the video isn’t displaying in the feed.)

I’ll be referencing it constantly throughout the week. And PS, here’s the Agenda [pdf] of the day if it’s of any help.

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