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#MicroBizMonday Digital Organization Resources for the Very Small Business

This is the first in a series of posts on microbusinesses needs. Read more about the microbusiness and how you can contribute to our MicroBizMonday discussion, here.

Those of who own very small businesses, with less than 5 employees have some different needs than most small businesses.

And if the research Vistaprint did with its microbusiness customer base still holds, we’re happier for it.

A trend I’ve noticed in doing research for my own company is that tips that are made of small business often come with assumption that you have a bottomless well of either money, time or personnel.

Some of the best tools aren’t for Very Small Businesses

For example, lots of people are making a big fuss about Slack right now.

And I think it’s probably a fantastic tool. But I wonder, does a solo entrepreneur need a team communication tool?

You see, about half of my clients are companies run by pairs or are solo enterprises. Literally, Mom & Pop shops sometimes- husband and wife, father and son, sister and sister duos. And some are a company of one.

From time to time I work with companies that have hundreds of employees, as well as mid-size organizations. But most of the entities that I train, coach, consult or create guides for are small like you and I.

Where are the resources for microbusinesses?

This is a list of quality tools and sites I use on at least a weekly basis that have good options for solo entrepreneurs like freelancers and consultants, all the way up to medium sized companies. The current categories are finance, marketing, and organization/productivity.

These tools can also be used for teams within larger organizations, but are primarily for business use. Hope you find it helpful. And if you’ve got a resource I missed, feel free to add it to the list at