Long Live Shortcuts! But When Will The Shortcut Mentality Die?

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Well, there are shortcuts, and there are shortcuts.

I usually just say “Shortcuts are just the long way to failure.” That’s not entirely true, it’s just a sound-bite. (More on the sound-bite tactic later.)

REAL Shortcuts actually work, by definition.

It’s the Shortcut Mentality that doesn’t work.

Let me explain.

A shortcut is defined as a route to a destination that is shorter than the long one.

There are all types of reasons why the shortcut route isn’t always the default road.

While it may have fewer steps, it may occasionally take longer in time spent. Think of highways versus city streets.

A shortcut may encourage us to go off on side missions.

The shortcut might be new, and not have existed at the time the long road was first built. You may have had a static website. Now blog software like WordPress can build you a web site without even using the blog functionality until you’re ready.

So yes, shortcuts work. So what is the shortcut mentality, and why doesn’t it work?

The Shortcut Mentality is the premise that taking the work out of a process will still bring you the desired result.

Some people think they can use PLR content, or other sub-par content to create or update a blog and it will still “work”.

Every time I’ve seen this process followed, I’ve seen it fail. Blogging is work.

It’s not work that necessarily has to be done by YOU, but someone does have to do it.

Preferably someone with personality who is knowledgeable about your topic matter enough to be able to competently fuse the personal touch with the spread of information.

That means when your local company starts to blog, whether the prime objective is more visibility or better customer service, it has to connect.

Blogs are connective technology. Implementing them to divorce yourself from the public partly defeats the purpose.

This is a fairly controversial topic and some people will Strongly disagree with me.

They’ll say the point of blogging is the software and what it can help you do in the search engines.

They’ll claim the aim of blogging for business is different from that of personal blogging.

I would counter that no matter why you are blogging or what the ultimate gain is, if you intend to blog without making connections, it’s as effective as having a conversation using only a monotone voice.

Communication will result. But if you’re going to use resources to achieve that aim, and what amounts to ten percent more effort will make that mission ten times more effective…. why not?

If you have the tools, use them. Especially if it can give you a leg up on people who don’t get it.

There are blog shortcuts that work. And there are those that dismally, sadly, can only be said to work if you downgrade your definition of something “working”.

So why say that shortcuts don’t work, when in a literal sense, they do?

Not just because the world rarely plays out literally.

Also because people who intuitively know I’m talking about the mentality, instantly get it, even though I’m speaking in sound-bites. And people who don’t, and want to know, I can normally engage and explain.

I find that when I talk or write in sound-bites, people listen, and I’m able to then engage the ones I really need to talk to further, in order to relay the true message.

We’re turning into a Headline Culture. It’s a necessary tactic, and perhaps not even an evil one.

If you can’t sum up what you have to say in a headline, is it worth your time to get the details?

Tell me what you think.

And share your favorite recipe for chicken too.

Because if I was a headline right now I’d read “I’m Sofa King Hung Ray”.

This week:

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  • Why and how does the shortcut mentality in blogging specifically, fail repeatedly?
  • Which shortcuts can you safely take to blogging and the rest of social media?
  • How do you avoid the shortcut mentality in social media?
  • What are some of the worst examples of the shortcut mentality in social media?

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