If I Could Change Email, Twitter or Facebook?

I was asked in a survey what I would change about email, Twitter or Facebook. I can’t say whose survey because I agreed not to blog about it. But here’s the answer I gave them.

I would love email if I could view it like a forum, see at a glance what to skip and what needs priority now. I hate email and I’m working on setting up our email communications to go through Kayako.

Twitter I’d integrate with an online RSS reader like Google Reader, but with more sophisticated filtering that uses reader reactions and share to tell me what’s becoming more relevant in my topics of interest and help push them to the front, in real time.

Facebook, I would have stopped improving on right before they de-emphasized apps. They created a cottage industry then killed it, instead of improving client experience of it. Why?

If you could change Email, Twitter or Facebook, what would you do differently? I don’t mean cosmetic changes, I’m talking functionality. If you could make email, Twitter or Facebook do more — or even less – what would you do?

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