How You and A Small #BlueKey Will Change the World


Refugees from Libya Queue for Food at Tunisia Transit Camp
Refugees from Libya Queue for Food at Tunisia Transit Camp

In today’s installment of Non-Profit Sundays, I want to tell you how you can help change the world with a blue key. If you get one, you can align with USA for UNHCR to help refugees get “the protection, food, shelter and care that they need”.

This is normally the part where I’d go into detail about the specific issue that made me want to back this endeavor, in this case, the drive to ask 6000 Americans to get their own blue keys by June 20th, World Refugee Day. Instead of going into my normal depth of detail on the issue, I’m going to point you to other resources where you can get more information about who the refugees are, what UNHCR is/does, and the current status of the refugee crisis is.

I could go into all kinds of details, appeal to your sense of pity, pull on your heart strings. But I’d like to think that by now, we know each other. You know that when I want your money, I’m just going to ask you for it, and tell you what you’ll get in return, that’s worth so much more than what you’ll give, whether it’s to me, or someone else. So here it is.

For your pocket change, you will change the world. You’ll give voices to people who need others to help speak for them after their problems aren’t a hot news item anymore.

There was a time when I didn’t believe how far $5 could go. I used to think, “whose life is going to change for the price of a magazine?” Then I went to Africa, for almost a month, with less than $100 in my pocket and came back with change, and lived like a princess the whole time. So I can tell you with firsthand knowledge: Your $5 will change a life.

Like you, I have faith that many of us making small, concerted efforts can make a huge difference. We can change the world – we ARE changing the world. So today, I’m going to appeal to your sense of empowerment in asking you to join me in getting your own blue key. It’s a small sacrifice that will make a huge difference. Visit the Blue Key Campaign to learn more.

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