How Important Is Your Bounce Rate? – Remarks from #SESLondon and @newpr

Somehow it slipped my mind that today is the second day of SES London – probably because today is my sister’s birthday and so my thoughts are elsewhere.

Anyway, upon remembering this, I began to vicariously explore the day via the #SESLondon Twitter stream.

If you’re not on Twitter, one good way to do this without logging in is to use Tweetchat. Just enter the hashtag into the space at the top of the page and you’ll have the #SESLondon discussion streaming on your screen. If you have a Twitter account, log in to be able to favorite, share or follow. Tweetdeck is another good tool if you’re not new to Twitter. I prefer the Tweetdeck Chrome Extension.

In so doing, I came across a WebProNews article by one of my favorite authors there, Chris Crum, SES London: Google Talks Bounce Rate, Social Signals You Should Be Measuring in which, among other things he covers Googler Avinash Kaushik’s talk.

Here’s what stood out for me right away:

One interesting part is what he says about bounce rate. I’m not sure if these were Kaushik’s exact words, but Venter writes, “Bounce rate shows you how much you suck.”

This took me back to a talk Priya Ramesh gave called “Promoting and Tracking Your Social Media Content”.

Here’s 15 seconds of why you should care about bounce rates from Priya, in plain English in case you’re not a tech-head like me. 🙂

I’d recommend viewing the slides, after you watch the full video of the event. It was a great presentation with accessible language.

Image by pango inflatable / Flickr