How Do I Build a Bigger Audience Around My Content?

I just read a comment on Google+ in response to some great advice Google+ John Jantsch shared from his blog.

The gist of it was that the idea that the results John gets on platforms like Google+ only applies to people with large audiences already, like Tom Anderson, John, Guy Kawasaki, etc.

To which my response is always – how do you think those people got those audiences, really? They weren’t born with millions of readers. Someone had to do some work, and the result is that the core audience will often follow them from platform to platform, and the momentum they once started will continue to build the audience they want.

Here’s the exact response:

If it’s quiet in G+ville, I’d have more discussions, and add more people from discussions. John and people like him have built higher follower counts because they have different habits – they weren’t always popular.

And one of the things people who become popular in one of these systems do is constant discovery and engagement with new and diverse groups of people – in other words, they continue to do what the rest of us don’t after the toy is no longer new and shiny.

In many years of teaching people in small businesses how to engage with people, regardless of the platform, that’s the one thing that remains constant. Study these folks you named – at some point someone did the hard work of finding new people and touching them at the points that matter.

After a while, you may not have as much time to engage, but it begins to build on its own momentum after a while. Then you just have to make sure your one-to-many content still speaks to the widest swatch of your audience.

Go pick up one of John’s books on this, or at least read his blog… it really isn’t rocket science, you can have that audience. It’s just a matter of how hard, and for how long you’re willing to work for it, or find someone who will.

Which begs the question – what work is that? What other specific things do they do that we aren’t, and how can we all have those audiences?

What extra steps do they take that we don’t?

I’ll be exploring answers to those questions on an on-going basis. Stay tuned.