Ask Tinu

Have You Been to Blog Island?



I was living on blog island.

And it sucked ASS.

What’s blog island?

What’s more important than what it is, is how you get there.

To get to blog island, the first thing you have to do is start blogging.

And you do all the regular stuff that they say bloggers are supposed to do.

You figure out all the basic stuff like:

… all that sort of beginner blogger stuff.

And people start to notice you.

Then you make a left turn at My Poo Don’t Stink Avenue, and suddenly you’re on Blog Island.

Maybe you stop responding to comments on your blog. Not because they’re too many, but because you just can’t be bothered.

Or perhaps now that you’re becoming a BFD, you don’t see the point of stooping to comment on other people’s sites anymore. After all, you paid your dues right?

And why have a blog roll? Linking out to other people’s sites is stupid right? Because then you can hold them captive! Forever!

Could be you get such good results from blogging that you stop and use the excuse that you have all this work to do.. (Yep. That one’s about me. And not in a pat-self-on-back way…)

Blog Island is the place you end up in when you stop doing the things that made you a successful blogger in the first place.


Writing about other people you admire . and linking to their posts.

Or being passionate about something, then writing about it with every drop of that passion.

Or reading your favorite blogs, and linking to your favorite blog posts.

Blogging is as much about consuming, commenting on, and linking to great content as it is creating it. All 4 activities work symbiotically together to turn you into a great blogger whose posts are read by actual humans.

Stay off blog island. No excuses.