Finding a VA Service for a Very Small Business #MicrobizMonday

Or, the increasingly frustrating experience of finding the right VA

So here’s my story of the day.

Until this month I’ve been in need of a virtual assistant (and also a personal assistant, but that’s another story for another day.)

I often oversee teams of temporary or virtual workers of up to 500 to work on projects for my clients.

Which is why, even on my Spoonie days, work that I have planned for still gets done. I do the part that requires expertise, then I break the less important or less urgent tasks into miniscule jobs. After the work is done, I check that it was done correctly, as I would for any team I manage.

Of course I eventually realized that having assistants for my client projects, but not my own company, has turned me into a project manager. As such I spend most of my time working IN my business instead of ON it.  Besides the fact that it’s just not what I want to be or do.

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