Outsourcing Saved My Business (Go Read Soren’s Post)

I don’t know this guy Soren personally, and I’ve never been to his blog before today. In the interest of disclosure, I will NOT make ANY money by telling you about this post. He probably will, but I’m too tired today to turn this into money for me.

He made an excellent post about outsourcing, and I’ll be frank, there’s an affiliate link in his post, for a product I think is a must-have. If I had gotten any sleep Thursday night before watching the twins (during my mastermind call!) I would probably have gone and signed up as an affiliate myself.

The sales page linked from his page alone is that good of a lesson. But this post isn’t about that.

The reason I’m telling you about the post, even if you don’t even click on the link to the sales page is that Outsourcing Saved My Ass. And by extension, my business. (Yes, I have that much junk in my trunk. lol. This is why people need sleep. Silliness like this.)

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