The easiest way to shorten your workweek by doing LESS #60to15

You want to be a master at efficiency? Stop depriving yourself of things that seem to save time, but actually slow you down.

If you’re at peak performance, you can do more in 25┬áhours than others can do in 60.

So once you rearrange your work day to give precedence to the more important, but less urgent items in your work day, so that your input rocks, the next job is to tighten up your output.

I’m not kidding when I say that performing at my peak effectiveness, even as a spoonie, I not only shortened my work day and work week, I got a lot more done.

Kill the Deprivation

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The Eisenhower Box Exercise #60to15

To paraphrase what I said in the last post, shortening my workday came about in three stages.

  • Stage One: get rid of the “noise” in my day & amplify the signal.
  • Stage Two: optimize the work that was left with tools. We’ll be talking about ZenDesk, Asana, Crowdfire, Freshbooks and IFTTT soon.
  • Stage Three: ruthlessly┬ádelegate

Don’t be scared of stage three.

ambermb / Pixabay

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