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These 2 things give you the maximum productivity you can get without creating a clone

Before we talk about the two things, let’s go over how we’re going from #60to15. It takes place in three stages.

  1. Lower noise, amplify signal. (Zeroing on what to work on and NOT work on)
  2. Systemize & Automate. (Includes tools, bots, apps. And yes, these are the two things we’re talking about today.)
  3. DelegateHard. (Let go of lower priority tasks & focus on your superpower.) 
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The simplicity of the stages plays into our overall productivity goal of reducing our work week from 60 to 15.

And remember – the goal is not to do our present work more efficiently just so we can dump more busywork and tasks we hate into our laps.

Our goal is to do LESS, yet also live the paradox of increasing our accomplishments.

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The theory presently working in my life, is that most of what we’re doing doesn’t need to be done.

That a lot of the work we do is created by the mistakes we make from not being at our best most of the time.

That it’s a shame to be working so hardif you’re not actually getting anywhere.

That there really IS a lot that ceases to matter when a crisis comes along, health or otherwise.

You do not have to be constantly busy to be successful.


It’s okay go get a full night of sleep.

In fact it will probably help you do less just from not having to correct mistakes made while sleep-drunk.

Trust me, there’s a lot that could be dropped if you were suddenly taken to the hospital.

I hope this has never – and will never- happen to you.

But I also know most of you are spoonies, and something like that HAS happened to you.

Even KEEPS happening to you.

You’re forced to learn how to get the same out of life with abilities you may have taken for granted removed from your life, often suddenly.

You start planning for “what if I can’t get out of bed tomorrow?”

As a fellow spoonie, let me reassure you – there’s much more you can drop than you think.

And as a fellow entrepreneur let me say, in the times there’s no crisis big enough to take you away from work?

Having your business run at this level of efficiently can help you grow by leaps and bounds- if you fill the new time deficit with the right things.

How stage one cuts your work week up to a third

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To complete the first stage, we had to eliminate the things that we tend to work on that don’t move our businesses forward, but keep us busy.

This includes things like constant interruptions by email, phone or social media.

If you ever worked for other people, you probably noticed that as more technology advanced, the less effort you had to put in work.

Being able to fill in fields of an invoice on a computer screen is a lot different than office work in our parents generation.

Imagine having to order forms from a printer, then manually fill them out, make copies, mail them, etc. Ugh.

Systemizing and tool-ifying your work can halve your shortened work week again

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In stage two, we’re focused making a meaningful impact with the two things I mentioned before – creating systems and leveraging tools.

These can give you back enough of your time that you’ll be able to spend most of that new time on growing your business if you wish.

Or you can just relax and see your family more, knowing you’re going to bring in the same amount of money in 15 hours a week as you previously did in 60 hours.

Now that you’ve:

-you’re ready for this stage.

And we’re going to talk about how to get started next.

Part of the #60to15 series for entrepreneurs on shortening your work week.

Got tips? Did you write about your experiences? Add it to the #60to15 hashtag, then anyone can read your submission. I’ll do round-ups to feature the best ones.