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The easiest way to shorten your workweek by doing LESS #60to15

You want to be a master at efficiency? Stop depriving yourself of things that seem to save time, but actually slow you down.

If you’re at peak performance, you can do more in 25 hours than others can do in 60.

So once you rearrange your work day to give precedence to the more important, but less urgent items in your work day, so that your input rocks, the next job is to tighten up your output.

I’m not kidding when I say that performing at my peak effectiveness, even as a spoonie, I not only shortened my work day and work week, I got a lot more done.

Kill the Deprivation


That’s the overall theme here- stop depriving yourself of things to save time that actually waste time.

Staying up to work more can work in the short term. But getting in the habit of

all lead to working more hours than you need, at a lower level.

Do less drunk working: Get enough sleep.

laurapuig4 / Pixabay

You work better when you sleep enough.

When you’re constantly on less sleep than you need, you are basically a drunkard in terms of productivity.

Working over 55 hours every week is counter-productive anyway, in some cases it’s even bad for you.

Go home after you’ve logged those 55 hours and get some sleep. Then the next week? Apply the #60to15 tips!

Do less brain starving. Drink enough water.


You’re most efficient when well hydrated and your brain works better.

Your thirst often masquerades as hunger too.

Keep water with you at your desk, and you’ll find yourself going for snacks less often. Although you may end up in the rest room more, the trade off is worth it.

Do less… everything. Take breaks to do your best work.


We’re built to work better with rests between tasks. It helps us be more productive, like a reboot does for a slow computer. I also think it helps if you move around or stand up. Before I got cancer, I was losing inches just by standing during my work day.

No workout.

Didn’t change eating habits much (I already have great habits at home if I don’t order out too much.)

Standing for 3 hours a day allegedly has the same effect on your body as 10 marathons a year.

Walking in place every 20 minutes of an 8 hour work day is equal to a light daily workout. Handy if your disability or chronic illness keeps you from standing for long periods of time.

So take breaks. That means vacations and weekends too. Schedule them if you must.

If you don’t know how much time to give yourself,  or need a routine, try the Pomodoro Technique – work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break. Don’t forget the timer – there are apps as well as web timers.

If you’re working efficiently, you’ll find yourself working less.

Part of the #60to15 series for entrepreneurs on shortening your work week.

Got tips? Share them to the #60to15 hashtag ob Twitter/Instagram, then anyone can read your submission. I’ll do round-ups to feature the best ones.