Aweber’s Curate app tweak for exclusive newsletter content

I’m a long time user of Aweber. With their last price increase, I would hesitate to say it’s the best value for the money. The Curate App is slowly changing my mind about this.

Aweber’s Curate App

Prawny / Pixabay

This January I was diagnosed with cancer. There was no way I could keep up with my newsletter.

With the fatigue, blog posts that normally took 2 hours in one sitting took 3 to 12 weeks.

On top of no energy, I lacked stamina. If it took five minutes to write a paragraph, I’d then need a ten minute break.

I wanted to have a business when I got back, so when Aweber came out with their Curate App this April, I tried to use it to keep up.

Adding material to the newsletter on mobile became as easy as texting a link or sending a tweet.

But between the aforementioned issues, the content I had so painstakingly curated would sit there for weeks, until it was so old I’d have to start over.

Curator, Curate Thyself

In order for my newsletter to be both useful to my community and profitable for me, I needed to use it, as I had in the past, to drive traffic to pages that convert subscribers.

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Obviously, the answer was to curate more of my own content with the app than other people’s.

But to provide content that was exclusive to my newsletter, as promised, certain articles could not appear in my regular blog.

So how could I have those pages on one of my sites, but not have them show up to the rest of the world?

Here’s what I did.

lokena / Pixabay

First I added the free Brilliant Easy Exclude Posts (BEEP) plugin to my WordPress installations.

Then I created the sections I used to put directly in the newsletter as blog posts, and curated them in using the app.

Next, I just made sure to exclude them from the RSS feed and public display on my blog using the plugin.

Easy, peasy.

Hopefully Aweber will update the Curate app to let us

  • insert several free-form areas for our newsletters without creating them outside the app
  • highlight links that are from our own sites
  • abbreviate curated entries so they are extra content in our newsletters for those of us who want to have a hybrid between a regular newsletter and a fully curated version.

Until then, this will do nicely.


The video below by @TeshaDColston will give you more information about using Aweber’s Curate app.

There’s also some great how-to instructions in Aweber’s help section, including a walkthrough of the sending process.

You can get Aweber’s Curate App on their site – you can even email it to yourself if you aren’t mobile right now.