Website Promotion – Where Do You Start?

The majority of mistakes I see with small business owners and their websites can be traced back to an incorrect start. Most commonly I see the following issues:

  • Creating a site without a definite purpose
  • Promoting a cookie-cutter Site
  • Expecting a site not optimized for search engines to rank
  • Sites with ineffective lead collection and generation strategies
  • Launching a site with no customer interaction or otherwise outside the conversation stream, and,
  • Failing to give the prospective lead, customer or client what they want out of your site.

How do you know if you’re making these mistakes, and how do you avoid them? We’ll take them one at a time over the next few weeks and come up with some answers.

Website Promotion is My Game?

It’s pretty obvious that Tinu’s my name.

I was thinking of a cute way to rhyme that, and that got me to thinking – is the problem so many of us have with executing in website promotion the fact that we take it all so seriously?

Food for thought.  I’m gonna have a bit more fun with it today than usual. I’ll get back to you on how that worked out.