Thanks Lisa, Or How Far Kind Gestures Go

I was having the second of two really crappy bad days in a row. Then Lisa Byrne (who does awesome things, including Social Zest & DC Event Junkie) sent these flowers over to brighten my day. The card was also signed by pal Shashi Bellamkonda, and on behalf of the rest of the team I usually work with over at Network Solutions.

Now, this was a lovely gesture, no matter how you look at it. But it was exceptionally so because – yesterday was one of those days where I really needed someone to just acknowledge that what I do isn’t just a job to me, or how I get food on the table for myself and my family. I have other talents and abilities – there’s a lot of ways I could just make this whole thing about money and just be done with it.

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Google Plus Walkthrough Video

Edit: I’m aware of the audio problems. Time was a factor in getting this video out to its intended audience.

I haven’t written a walkthrough, review or any other commentary of Google+, despite the fact that I’ve been using it since late in the first round of invites. (And just to be clear, when I got invited isn’t the point, the point is, I’ve been using it long enough to form the opinion that is about to follow, late enough to have missed directly interacting with folks like Mark Zuckerberg, but early enough to not be discussing Google+ as a regular topic of conversation.)

Mostly because I feel like it hasn’t been long enough to write a proper review. We’re still in the stages where most people are just talking about the tool and how much they like it, hate it, don’t understand what the fuss is, or think it’s going to change the world. I believe it’s too early to tell.

And now, it’s starting to get lonely in there with mostly techies and a couple of marketing people.

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