Updated: Meet Me in Person Next Tuesday with This Freebie Worth $299

I’m sure you’ve probably seen me talking about the contest I’m having, here on Facebook or on Twitter. If not, here’s the deal.

Though my business is based on the West coast, I live in Maryland about half of the year. As a member of Network Solution’s Social Web Advisory board, I’ve been offered a few free tickets to the GrowSmartBiz conference they’re having all day next Tuesday in Washington DC.

I had several extra tickets, and I have two left, so I’m having two contests, one for each of them. All you have to do to win it is respond to this blog post with a comment. First winner and a random winner get the prizes.

Of course you’ll have to provide your own transportation to and from DC (which should be a breeze if you’re a local), but if you like we can spend the entire day of the conference together. Between sessions I’ll help you apply the information you learn to your specific business.

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The SCORE Awards – An Inspiring Experience

Yes, I’m Serious – The 2009 SCORE Awards Were Great

So on Friday, I promised that I’d talk more about how Awesome¬†the SCORE Awards were and the Awesome people I met and the Awesome time we had. I really thought it was an important thing to share for several reasons. (Besides the sheer Awesomeness.)

First, this doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that would be awesome, right? I mean someone says “businesses are going to get awards” and you think, wow, the Emmys with no fast forward button. Yikes. I fully expected to feel great about the fact that businesses were getting awards, but also to be making jokes about the “Snore Awards” with my sister the next day. How wrong I was!

This was one of the most beautiful awards ceremonies I have ever been to, including ones where I was among the honorees, which I’ll get into in a minute.

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