Saving time with system and tools: @Powtoon

The video above was made with a template with Powtoon, a template-based tool for making animated videos and slideshow presentations.

I’ve actually been waiting two years to make this tool overview – about two years ago, they were kind enough to extend a free account to me.

This was after I couldn’t wrap my mind around how to use it after a free trial. So, right away, points to the customer support staff and policies.

I’m not sure when – I want to say fall 2015 – Powtoon went from a neat but hard to use tool, to a really easy way to create animated explainer videos.

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3 dumb things I did before I went #60to15- and 2 things that set me free

For a smart person, I’m sometimes really dumb.

mintchipdesigns / Pixabay

There are three really dumb things I used to do that used to extend my work day.

  1. Do repeated tasks from scratch every time.
  2. Do repeated tasks differently each time.
  3. Spend 5 to 10 hours doing things worth less than my average hourly compensation.

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