Bonus content marketing productivity – OneTab with Long Form Articles

In case yoonetabhomeu missed it, in the last post I shared how I was able to save hours of time and increase my productivity through using the OneTab browser extension

Here’s a few bonus tips you can use when creating long form content.

Let’s say you are writing an article that’s 1200 or even 5000 words, or a short ebook.

Perhaps you’d like to construct the document in your browser using Google Docs, or use the Word Processor on your computer, and simultaneously be able to quickly reference the several dozen tabs you have open.

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Finding a VA Service for a Very Small Business #MicrobizMonday

Or, the increasingly frustrating experience of finding the right VA

So here’s my story of the day.

Until this month I’ve been in need of a virtual assistant (and also a personal assistant, but that’s another story for another day.)

I often oversee teams of temporary or virtual workers of up to 500 to work on projects for my clients.

Which is why, even on my Spoonie days, work that I have planned for still gets done. I do the part that requires expertise, then I break the less important or less urgent tasks into miniscule jobs. After the work is done, I check that it was done correctly, as I would for any team I manage.

Of course I eventually realized that having assistants for my client projects, but not my own company, has turned me into a project manager. As such I spend most of my time working IN my business instead of ON it.  Besides the fact that it’s just not what I want to be or do.

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