About Tinu

Tinu. Not TinaWhether you own a local coffee shop or have a business based fully on the web, your business can benefit from more web visibility.

It’s often more cost effective, not to mention faster, to generate leads, and sales online. From search engine positioning to social media, I specialize in building customized web visibility solutions for offline brick and mortar businesses who are new to the internet.

Since 2002, my mission has been to help business owners unlock the profit potential in their businesses through increasing their leads and sales, leveraging the cost-effective power of the internet.

You may have seen some of my articles on Site Reference, ISEDB, Site Pro News, About.com, Web Pro News, Search Engine Guide, on Amazon or at my flagship site, Free Traffic Tips.

I invite you to read some of the solutions that I have freely available, or to research myself and my company’s reputation by Googling me – you’ll find me listed as both Tinu AbayomiPaul and Tinu Abayomi-Paul because many of the places that republished or redistributed my work in the late 90s couldn’t handle the dash in my name within their software.

Now I don’t know everything, but I am one of a handful of end-to-end website promotion specialists in the world. My real-world experience covers the range from article marketing and blogging all the way down to search and social media.

For everything I don’t know, I’ve built relationships with experts in every marketing-related field from copywriting to Google AdSense. If I don’t have the answer, I can find it.

So go ahead.

Ask me something.