5 benefits of publishing video content: @Powtoon pt 2

We covered what the tool is in part one.

But how could you use Powtoon (or other tools that make video easier) to shorten your work week- and maybe even save money or effort?

The SEO Benefits of Video

It’s pretty old news that video ranks faster and better than text, done properly. Sure, you could shoot a talking head video of yourself every day.

But why not shake things up a bit, and save time editing?

With video – make new content faster

I have been able to create videos from PowToon in as little as ten minutes.

It takes me two hours to put together an in-depth blog post.

One day I thought: how much faster could I make content if I published it as video? Of course, there are times when typing up a blog post may be preferable.

I personally won’t watch any video longer than a minute during working hours, no matter what the topic is, as a general rule. (Research/commute time doesn’t count – but I’m still far less likely to be found watching video on the subway or first thing in the morning vs reading.)

People like me hate long videos, because they can’t be skimmed or summarized. So think of attention spans when you’re deciding whether a video would be better.

Especially when you’re giving step by step instructions, or explaining an idea from an airplane view- sometimes nothing beats video.

Quickly repurpose content in video format

You could go back and summarize great articles you posted to your blog that never quite got their due – perhaps they’ll be more popular as videos.

Not to mention you could get more traction if you update the original article with a video.

Use explainer videos as podcast starter content

The paid version of PowToon allows you longer videos. You could start a tip a day (or week) podcast, with very simple, easy to create content that also promotes your site.

Make it part of a content system

We spoke about systems before – documented ways of doing a repeated work task.

If you know you need to create daily, twice weekly or weekly content to compete, why not plan out a content system? One great thing about Powtoon is that it has a storyboard feature.

But there are many video tools – or content creation/curation tools for that matter – can help you produce better content, faster.

You could figure out your favorite couple of tools for content creation, and use them to feature a different type each day.

For example,  maybe you use Canva or Pablo for graphics, and on Wednesdays publish infographics, graphs or charts. Friday could be video day using tools like, Animoto or Powtoon, etc.

It may seem like a simplistic idea – but knowing

  1. what tools you’re going to use,
  2. what your core ideas for content are, and
  3. the process you use to create ,

-it saves all the time you spend putzing around, deciding what to do, even deciding whether or not you’ll do something when you have chosen these things in advance.

And that time adds up fast.

With that much more time on your hands, you could create a plan that incorporates different angles on the same idea.

However you do it, the key is to document the process, including the steps you use.

Not only will this help you remember all the related and follow up tasks. One day when you can afford to to delegate part of your work, you’ll have an easy way to pass off that duty.