3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Confirmation that Google+ Affects Search Rankings

Today’s question is “Does Google+ Cause Higher Rankings or are recent research findings a coincidence?”

There’s a lot of speculation going on as to whether G+ posts influence SEO. Several reputable firms have confirmed that thare’s at least correlation – meaning that enough pages that rank well in the search engines exist to show that there’s at least a link of some type.

Here are some thoughts to ponder as you wait for the verdict.

  • Google+, as we’ve discussed on FTT, is going to become highly relevant in 2014, SEO or not. Android users are coming, You need G+ to comment on YouTube too.
  • By the time they figure out whether the correlation between Google+ sharing and higher search rankings is coincidence or causality, you’d be too far behind to catch up to competing sites. So since it is in your best interest to use it anyway, might as well have it serve more than one purpose.
  • It already affects Social SEO, in logged in searches, which is now the default set up.
  • Listen to the recording above for more.