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Bonus content marketing productivity – OneTab with Long Form Articles

In case yoonetabhomeu missed it, in the last post I shared how I was able to save hours of time and increase my productivity through using the OneTab browser extension. 

Here’s a few bonus tips you can use when creating long form content.

Let’s say you are writing an article that’s 1200 or even 5000 words, or a short ebook.

Perhaps you’d like to construct the document in your browser using Google Docs, or use the Word Processor on your computer, and¬†simultaneously be able to quickly reference the several dozen tabs you have open.

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How to use OneTab to research and write at the same time without 100s of tabs open

The ins and outs of using OneTab for content marketing productivity

One Tab

If you’re like me, you write well-researched blog posts, even when you’re writing about your own experiences.

One of the big challenges of content marketing is generating the content. And I don’t mean just the ideas, I mean the actual process.

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